There are lots of newsworthy things that you can share with the media about your business and employees. 

In addition to traditional product and service news, think about the ways your business interacts with your community. 

Are you involved with a local charity? Is your organization eco-friendly? Has a customer found a new use for an old product? Is your business culture different from others in your industry?

Sharing this type of information with the media through a well-written press release can bring publicity that helps shape your brand, builds company awareness and creates human interest. 

Make sure to use the same profile picture across your social media profiles. That way people recognize you between LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other networks. 

Consistency is key and helps build your profile as an expert in your field.
Small business owners are busy running their business and handling most tasks from operations to sales. Here is a quick way to stay on top of your company, your competitors and your industry. 

Set up a Google Alert for your company, competition, and industry keywords. You can specify to receive an email when it occurs or get a daily or weekly update. This allows you to stay on top of recent industry news and monitor what is being said about your company

Looking to monitor social media mentions? Another site to track company mentions in the social sphere is Social Mention. You can set up alerts similar to the Google Alerts and stay notified!